Friday, February 06, 2009

The Dream of the Drop

Like the available flavors of ice cream at Baskin Robbins, 31 Dreamers began as a project to collect a dream a day from 31 different people around the world. 31 Dreamers had a time limit: the month of January 2009, and that time has expired. Your beloved dream-reader (that's me) is moving on to pen fables, carve blockprints, and tour with theatrical performances and workshops. Leave a comment here if you want info on any of this stuff, or if you want me to keep interpreting dreams. I cater to mob rule here.

It's time now for a re-cap of people's favorite dreams:

Top Readers' Picks

I agree, these were all great dreams, yet it's no surprise that your typical Net-surfer would ogle dreams about Obama, Madonna, Naruto, and Japanese girls wearing blackface. The hankering for Russian broccoli is a total mystery to me. My personal picks are below.

My Favorite Dreams You Sent In:

1. Choco Taco Thwarts Identity Theft
2. 2-for-1 Special
. This Is The Grassroots Work I'm Gonna Do With You
4. The Oaten Exorcist
5. Giraffic Park

But really, they were all pretty great. What was your favorite dream? Your favorite interpretation?  Leave a comment below and tell the world.

Hope to see some of you at Fun-A-Day events around the globe in the coming month. Until then, keep dreaming. 

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