Friday, January 09, 2009

2-for-1 Special

Today we feature not one but two dreamers. We'll see how that affects our count up to 31 Dreamers at the end of the month.

The first dream comes from Stacey from Boston's Debo Band. Debo pay tribute to the Ethiopian jazz greats of the early 1970s. Here are two fine samples of Debo's music:

"Man Yawqal Yèbétén," originally sung by Hirut Beqele

"Gedamay," an instrumental originally by Getatchew Mekuria

Debo Band is preparing to leave the frigid climate of Boston to tour the sunny motherland of their music's birth. Stacey had heard that I'd just returned from a voyage abroad myself, and she sent me the following dream:
I was on the plane to Ethiopia and I realized I forgot to bring underwear! I had none but the ones on my butt. And I was frantically calling to my bandmate Kaethe (who is not leaving until 2 days after me) to go to my house and go get some underwear from my drawer and bring it to Ethiopia.

I suppose that doesn't need any interpretation, it's just a straight up anxiety dream.

But it reminded me. . .

How was India?

Yup Stacey, that's a straight-up anxiety dream about not being prepared for an upcoming trip. What you didn't know was that I myself had forgotten to pack one very important thing on my recent trip to India: my underwear. I had none but the ones on my butt.

(For real.)

Our second dream comes from yet another Philadelphian, (it is a dreamy city, after all), but dreamt while the dreamer was visiting Austin, Texas. Jason, our dreamer, had gone to Austin to officiate an atheist wedding and to visit friends and family. Jason's dream:
So it was Halloween and I was asked what I was dressed as and my reply to this person was—and I said it like Flava Flav from Public Enemy introduces himself: "I'm Lazy Laaazzz. " 
My costume consisted of my wearing a sweat suit, sunglasses, and a rapper’s stance, and a big gold chain with a throw pillow attached to it so I could, at any time, rest my head and just be lazy. 
Then I woke up thinking, "Wow. That was cool," and fell back asleep.

Well Jason, I guess you know what you'll be for Halloween next year. But your dream is asking you, "Why wait?" You don't need the occasion of a holiday or a wedding to show your flair and panache for being an outstanding and memorable personality in any social situation, be it with friends or family or whomever. Put yourself out there in all your charismatic glory! You have time to do this and to relax whenever you want. Do this and you're headed for the glamorous lifestyle of your dreams.

Great dreams y'all. Keep 'em coming.

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Today's (utterly obscure) book: The Bulletin Year Book and Almanac 1926, issued by Philadelphia's Evening Bulletin newspaper. Regional ephemera, cool maps.

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